Creative Workshop

“Ancrer Urban Agriculture in Grand Casablanca”

23.09.2011, Centre culturel Sidi Belyout Casablanca

The workshop was about actors, strategies and instruments for the purpose of the implementation of urban agriculture in the Greater Casablanca Region. 54 participants shared their knowledge and ideas about this issue in moderated thematic groups:

  1. Integrate urban agriculture into urban development:
    How to secure or mobilize land for urban agriculture? How to integrate agricultural production in areas of urban expansion?
    Presentation: Giulia Giacche, University of Perugia, Italy

  2. Financing of urban agriculture:
    How to finance the implementation of urban agriculture and increase profitability by means of marketing, value chains, professionalization, a reward for services rendered to the city and so on.?
    Presentation: Moussa Sy, Agro-Environmental Engineer, Coordinator IAGU-BAU (AFRICAN INSTITUTE FOR URBAN MANAGEMENT), Burkina Faso

  3. Water for urban agriculture:
    What solutions (purification systems, distribution and quality control) and organizational (awareness, contracts, rates, financing) should be able to reuse much of the waste water for irrigation?
    Presentation: Martin Regelsberger, Institute for Sustainable Technologies, Austria

  4. Training and awareness for urban agriculture:
    How to motivate the actors (farmers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, developers, citizens and consumers)and make them capable to implement of urban agriculture?
    Presentation: Henk de Zeeuw, advisor ETC-Urban Agriculture, a sociologist and planner, Netherlands

  5. Production systems in urban agriculture
    What methods of production, mix of activities and relations with the city are specific for urban agriculture?
    Presentation: Roland Vidal, PhD Environmental Sciences at NPHS, founder of CERAPT, France

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