Pilot Project 4: Urban Agriculture + Healthy Food Production


The pilot project entitled “Urban Agriculture and Healthy Food Production” aims at developing a modern organic food production on the site of the agro- ecological pedagogical Farm of Dar Bouazza. The organic products, which would be singled out through a local quality label, will enable the creation of direct and fair relations between the producers and the consumers involved in supporting the proximity (within reach) production. The pilot project is addressed to the producers and consumers in Dar Bouazza, and in Casablanca. It welcomes the peri- urban population to try out the agricultural activity, for the sake of a healthy life, and as a source of income.

PP4 focuses on the four overriding research topics:

  1. Adapting to the consequences of climate variability and change, and thus promoting climate protection and energy efficiency
  2. Combating poverty (struggle for food-sovereignty and healthy food)
  3. Innovative strategy for sustainable land conservation
  4. Integration of Urban Agriculture as an element in urban development

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Key Events

Jan.- Feb. 2009
Conceiving and implementing of training courses concerning organic production, Casablanca.

March 2009
Conclusion of sub-contract for a participative workshop of launching, entitled „Healthy food production: an alternative for the future of Casablanca”

03 April 2009
Open day at the event „Vision Verte - ViVe Casa“. Kick-off event of PP4 with thematic lectures, excursion to the fi elds, Casablanca

08 October 2009 
Meeting at the Regional Authority of Agriculture (DRA) with the Ministry of Agriculture, the GTZ Morocco and non-governmental organizations (Association AMAPE), presentation of current work and on specifi c topics (PGS - participative guarantee systems)

15 - 16 June 2010
Workshop on transformation and valorisation of agricultural products, educational farm Dar Bouazza with 23 women of Douar Ras El Ali. The aim of the workshop is to promote techniques, exchange experiences and to enable the transfer of know-how and capacity.

16 June 2010
2nd participatory workshop, Douar Ras El Ali, pedagogical farm, Dar Bouazza. Sensibilisation and awareness raising of the youth

Initiated studies

  1. Experience and demonstration of techniques of organic agroecological production
  2. Awareness raising, organisation and monitoring of farmers for the start-up, for agroecological techniques and for the transformation and valorisation of local products and traditional know-how
  3. Implementation of a valorisation system for products by local commercial groups based on direct producer-consumer relations and fair trade as an initial step towards a social and solitary economy
  4. Implementation of a local label based on the recognition of local quality and agroecology (PGS – Participative Guarantee System)
  5. Raising awareness amongst the consumers of Grand Casablanca of organic food, and voluntary engagement for the support of local  agro- ecological agriculture

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Local partner:
Fattouma Benabdebni (Terre et Humanisme Maroc)

Moroccan scientist:
Tarik Harroud (INAU)

German scientists:
Undine Giseke (TU Berlin)
Silvia Martin Han (TU Berlin)


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awareness raising day
awareness raising day
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Project financed by

  • Logo: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Logo: Research Programme Future Megacities