Pilot Project 3: Urban Agriculture + Peri-urban Tourism


The pilot project in the Oued el Maleh valley is located 20 km north-east of Casablanca. It is characterised by small-scale farming and is a popular destination for city dwellers.

The project aims to maintain the heritage of the valley, the pilot project strives for a symbiosis between the needs and potentials of the city dwellers and the inhabitants of the valley. In this context, the pilot project wants to contribute to the development of the valley and its inhabitants by the following objectives:

Give support to the local people in order to diversify their source of income; lead to a sustainable and participatory water management; preserve a great number of peri-urban open spaces / natural heritage; find ways of significantly increasing the climate-optimised, and energy efficient agricultural production; support the setting up of ecological tourism equipments; support the urban-rural linkages.

This pilot project concerns itself with:

  • the “interface”
  • synergies between the city and the countryside
  • the specific potential of a valley close to the city and this type of farming implies for the quality of life for both citizens and the valley’s inhabitants
  • securing and improving the income of the valley’s inhabitants
  • the structures and support mechanisms to be put in place and maintained so that this form of land-use can fulfill its function in the long term
  • the connections and relations to be created so that all those involved understand the functions and have an appreciation of its sustainable conservation


Key Events

07 - 08 April 2009
Open day at the fortnight event „Vision Verte - Vive Casa“. Future search workshop with 200 participants in the valley Oued El Maleh.

03 - 04 November 2009
Workshop with the members of the WC “Agriculture” and with the WC „Tourism + Infrastructure“: Deepening of the situation analysis

11 - 15  November 2009 
Workshop with the members of the WC „Agriculture“ and with the WC „Tourism + Infrastructure“: Creating of a „problem tree“, and development of solutions“

03 April 2010
Workshop with the members of the WC „Agriculture“: Choice of activities: training for livestock, cactus fruit

03 April 2010
Workshop with the members of the WC „Tourism + infrastructure“: improved marketing infrastructure

02 - 03 June 2010 
Formation: Continuing „dairy cows“ with local farmers and the Association Selma.

Initiated studies

  1. Baumert et al.: Multi-Stakeholder Participation as a key to successful project implementation in peri-urban areas
  2. Bergauer: Linking urbans with rurals – Assessment of the potential to improve the local recreation sector in the Oued el Maleh valley
  3. Hart: Feasibility study: Surfaces of saleA survey on the situation of the sellers of the Valley of the Oued El Maleh
  4. Crozet: Land use systems in the Oued el Maleh valley
  5. Hart: Markets and distributes. A consumer survey of the Valley Oued El Maleh and Grand Casablanca
  6. Kraus: Study of ground in the Valley Oued el Maleh
  7. Kraus: Typology of organic farms in the Greater Casablanca

Pilot Project Logo


Local partner:
Said Berdouz (IPSMGC)

Moroccan scientist:
Hassan Rhinane (Université Hassan II, Ain Chock)

German scientists:
Maria Gerster-Bentaya (University Hohenheim)
Natacha Crozet (University Hohenheim)


Valley Oued el Maleh
Valley Oued el Maleh
Cactus farm
Future Search Workshop
Meeting of dairy farmers

Project financed by

  • Logo: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Logo: Research Programme Future Megacities