Pilot Project 2: Urban Agriculture + Informal Settlement


The goal of the pilot project 2 is a dovetailing of agriculture with settlement
areas in order to improve the resulting synergies in periurban areas and to steer its development. Particularly in peri-urban informal settlement the generation of productive, green and attractive spatial structures through Urban Agriculture offers possibilities to counteract urban sprawl and surface sealing in the region, and can be conceived and exploited as an instrument for steering urban development.
The area in Ouled Ahmed is currently subject to a considerable pressure of transformation. Migration to Ouled Ahmed is driven by affordable housing at a location close to the city.

“Ferme solidaire”
The “ferme solidaire” is a community garden initiated by the project in Douar Ouled Ahmed. The garden is to be used to teach local women organic farming, giving them the opportunity to use agricultural produce to financially contribute to their households.
The water from the local Turkish baths is to be cleaned in a constructed wetland, and reused in the “ferme solidaire” for irrigation. Thermal solar collectors are also to be installed on the roof of the Turkish baths to warm the water of the baths and to replace the wood-burning oven.

“Jardin scolaire”
The idea of the school garden, run by the primary school, is to give the pupils a facility to practice organic farming. They may then act as multiplicators for the idea of Urban Agriculture and the topics of healthy eating and sustainability.


Key Events

23 March 2009
Open day at the event “Vision Verte - Vive Casa“: “Journée de la sensibilisation” (kick-off ) at the primary school of the Douar Ouled Ahmed with over 800 participants

08 July 2009
Signature of the cooperation agreement for the school garden and start of the work on the donated land for the solidarity farm

17 January 2010
Workshop Ouled Ahmed connected to the visit of Dr. Koch-Kraft (DLR)

16 June 2010
1st meeting with the women of Ouled Ahmed, who will begin the training

Initiated studies

  1. Ecole Verte - a School Garden in the Primary School of the Douar Ouled Ahmed
  2. Fèrme Solidaire - a Women`s Solidarity Farm in the Douar Ouled Ahmed
  3. Studies about socio-cultural practices in the urban and peri-urban space of Casablanca, Part 1: Douar Ouled Ahmed (sectoral study)
  4. Waste Water Analysis at the Hammam of the Douar Ouled Ahmed
  5. Soil Analysis at the Fèrme Solidaire and the Primary school of the Douar Ouled Ahmed
  6. Planning of a Constructed Wetland on the Fèrme Solidaire for Grey water treatment of the Hammam of the Douar Ouled Ahmed (subcontracted
    by Partner fbr)

Pilot Project Logo


Local partners: 
Mohamed Zini (Assosiation Unions of Ouled Ahmed)
Abdelkrim Essoubi (School of Ouled Ahmed)

Moroccan scientist:  
M. Mdafai (University Hassan II, Ain Chock)

German scientists:
Gisela Prystav (kubus)
Ahmed Chahed (kubus)


Dwellings in Oulad Ahmed
Water tank
Water tank with pump
Current solidary farm
Example of a garden design by Johannes Rettberg

Project financed by

  • Logo: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Logo: Research Programme Future Megacities