Pilot Project 1: Urban Agriculture + Industry


The idea of the project is that treated wastewater from industrial sites be either used for neighbouring agricultural or for production purposes within the industrial site (closed water loops). The PP not only anticipates a concrete implementation activity, but has already selected a specific site, namely the Technopole industrial park (120 ha) near the “Mohamed V” international airport. The industrial park’s location makes it highly attractive to small and medium‐size enterprises and currently 80% of wastewater is already treated from two construction stages. The Technopole is operated by the Office National des Aéroports (ONDA) who have made considerable efforts to enforce environmental‐friendly measures, e.g. a climate sustainability day in June 2007.

The existing wastewater treatment plant has reached full capacity and the ONDA is consequently in the process of upgrading it. The ONDA anticipates a fruitful technical exchange with the expertise of the TUB, Department of Process and Chemical Engineering.


Key Events

23 February 2009
Meeting with the new representatives of ONDA, Casablanca. Discussion of PP1 and future procedure, discussion of agreement.

24 Mars 2009
Open day at the event “Vision Verte - Vive Casa“. Round Table to mobilise stakeholders at the Aeropol Mohammed V.

06 April 2009
Signature of the cooperation agreement by ONDA, Casablanca.

13 July 2009
Meeting with the president of sustainable development of the ONDA, Mr. D. Omari, Casablanca.

23 September 2009
 Naturex joins the project as additional partner, Casablanca.

01 Mars 2010
Commissioning of a decentralized wastewater treatment plant at the company Naturex.

Initiated studies

  1. Stakeholder analysis: Mohammed V airport, ONDA commercial area “Aéropôle” and farmers of the region
  2. Analysis of water needs and water quality of diff erent companies: water sources, water-saving potential, treatment and recycling

Pilot Project Logo


Local partners:
Mme Moutaib (ONDA)
M. Raffy (NATUREX)

Moroccan scientist:
Mohamed Chlaida (University Hassan II, Ben M'Sik)

German scientists:
Matthias Kraume (TU Berlin)
Christoph Brandt (TU Berlin)


AZ Technopole
Management of water resources in the industry
Construction site of ONDA

Project financed by

  • Logo: Federal Ministry of Education and Research
  • Logo: Research Programme Future Megacities